Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little of this and a little of that!


That is one of my favorite things about the antique world.  I never know what I’m going to find. 

Old Cabinet with Glass Shelves $350

Picked this piece up yesterday.  Nice size to show off a collection.


Homemade Redwood Food Storage Cabinet $450

This piece is from the Vallejo California area.  Made of Redwood.


California Redwood 2 piece cabinet $475

Another nice piece of Redwood furniture. 


Neat 3 seat bench $295

A very unique bench!  Separated into 3 sections—perfect to keep your kids separated!  Has what look like kneeling pads.


2 piece Chicago Cabinet with curved glass $2400

Wow is how Terri described this one.  Very nice old cabinet rescued from Chicago and given new life.


STOP!!! Need a sign?  We’ve got one (or 3!!) $240

We love signs and so do our customers!  Here’s 3 in one. 


White Cabinet—Glass Shelves—Light $625

I WANT THIS!!! Was what Terri said as soon as she saw it.  But…we have no room, so it won’t be going into our house (boo, you are so mean to me—said lovingly by Terri).  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Has a light to show off whatever collection you decide to place on the glass shelves. 



Black Cabinet with shelves & light $600

Remember this one from last week?


It now looks like this:


Mirror with storage bench (in the works)

This will have a mirror added.  Has a storage area under the seat.



Industrial is hot right now!  From fan blades to locker baskets to clock parts, its all making neat art.  We have a wonderful collection already and just had more come in today.