Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gossip and icebergs....

Jon's been having fun... lots of sales to go to and finding things! 

Women have always liked to gossip, but instead of by text message, they used to have to talk on the phone (GASP!!) and listen in on the party line.  At all times, they like to be fashionable.  This table and chair were just for that! $135

Next up is a beautiful white dresser with mirror.  We painted it in our house white.  $295

Cute little liquor cabinet that we've painted white.  $235

Need a desk and chair?  This is a great one! Neat front and drawer side! $465

 Time to RELAX!!! The original gravity chair.  $95

 Everyone needs storage, and more storage! We painted this tall chest in our new blue.  $345
 This bench is in the rough room--- it just needs some TLC.  What could you do with it? $275
 Can you guess what this table was made from? If you said from a pallet you are correct!! $325
We call this counter the titanic because it is SO BIG AND HEAVY.  But no fears, it won't be running into an iceberg!! $1100

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