Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun, fun & more fun!


I really enjoy my job and going to sales to find things for you to take to your home.  This week features things I found and fixed up to give them a whole new look!

White Dresser $225

I took a boring 1970’s dresser and gave it a new life. We painted it in our new favorite white—shows a little bit of tan.


Black Cedar Chest $190

I gave this old cedar chest new life by adding legs and giving it a nice black and brown paint job. 


Off White/Cream mirror with hooks $330

Nice off white mirror with hooks.  Perfect for the entryway. Made this out of an old door.


White mirror with storage seat $425

Another door turned into a mirror and storage seat. 


Counter with open shelves $645

This is a functional counter that has open shelves on the front with access to the shelves from the back. 


Chicago cabinet $2700

Another great piece that was rescued from the landfill!  We love getting these and having them restored back to their original glory.


Notes from my mom:

We went to the Chicago gift mart over the weekend and are excited about all of the great new things we have coming in for you.  Make sure and watch our facebook page for when it comes in!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little of this and a little of that!


That is one of my favorite things about the antique world.  I never know what I’m going to find. 

Old Cabinet with Glass Shelves $350

Picked this piece up yesterday.  Nice size to show off a collection.


Homemade Redwood Food Storage Cabinet $450

This piece is from the Vallejo California area.  Made of Redwood.


California Redwood 2 piece cabinet $475

Another nice piece of Redwood furniture. 


Neat 3 seat bench $295

A very unique bench!  Separated into 3 sections—perfect to keep your kids separated!  Has what look like kneeling pads.


2 piece Chicago Cabinet with curved glass $2400

Wow is how Terri described this one.  Very nice old cabinet rescued from Chicago and given new life.


STOP!!! Need a sign?  We’ve got one (or 3!!) $240

We love signs and so do our customers!  Here’s 3 in one. 


White Cabinet—Glass Shelves—Light $625

I WANT THIS!!! Was what Terri said as soon as she saw it.  But…we have no room, so it won’t be going into our house (boo, you are so mean to me—said lovingly by Terri).  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Has a light to show off whatever collection you decide to place on the glass shelves. 



Black Cabinet with shelves & light $600

Remember this one from last week?


It now looks like this:


Mirror with storage bench (in the works)

This will have a mirror added.  Has a storage area under the seat.



Industrial is hot right now!  From fan blades to locker baskets to clock parts, its all making neat art.  We have a wonderful collection already and just had more come in today.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From small to huge!


I’ve picked things this week from all size ranges.  From the kid in your house, to the kid in you who wants to make a wow statement!

Church Pews

These are always popular and we have 2 large ones and 2 kid size in stock.  The large ones are $170 and the kids are $140.



Couch Table $320

We have two of these.  Different shades of white.  Measure just under 7 ft.  Great for an entryway or behind your couch in a great room. 


Stunning White Counter $750

Fabulous is how this counter is being described!  Has a tin front and 3 doors on the back.  Measures 8 ft 2”.  Has nice old wood for the top that has character! Perfect for your kitchen as an island or a bar. 


Black w/brown stain pier mirror $995

These pier mirrors are wonderful pieces to fill your large entry way walls.  This one has been painted black and then has brown stain on top. 


HUGE white counter with top and shelves $1300

These sell as fast as we can get them made.  Wonderful tin on the front doors, top section has shelves.


Chicago Bookcase $695

Love our Chicago cabinets, but don’t have room for the big ones?  This smaller version is just right!


In the works

Just a few things Jon is working on in the back.


Check in next week to see what they became!

Facebook Birthday Club…


are you a fan on facebook?  If so, come in during your birthday month, show us you like our page and receive a present from us. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its a New Year!!

I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to our store in 2011.  Our customers are the best!!


Round Oak Table with 5 leaves $440

We have a lot of requests for round tables with leaves—here is a very nice one. Has neat claw feet.


Round Oak Table—no leaves $190

This table has a nice middle pedestal.


Stunning White Table with neat legs $550



Black Harvest Table $595


12 ft old and all original harvest or farm table  $975

This table is absolutely amazing!  All old and original harvest or farm table.  2 board top.


White Pier Mirror $995


Counters, TV Stands

We have a very nice selection of counters and stands right now.  We are trying out new styles.  One has an overhang and the other is smaller and has a drawer and door on the back along with 2 shelves. Let us know what you think!


We are getting the store put back in order now that all the Christmas has been taken down and packed away.  Who wants to bet we find a stray wreath in say oh….August?