Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Did you hear that sound?

The boys have gone back to school.... that sound you heard was Terri rejoicing!  They had a great summer, now its back to work and back to blogging for me.  

We first want to thank you, our wonderful customers, for coming to see us this year,  and for telling your friends about us.  You make our job FUN!! 

I designed this headboard for someone using porch posts and tin. Didn't it turn out great??

This piece is in the works... a big Chicago cabinet being painted in our new bright blue.

A new style of cabinet.  We put windows on the end, shelves in the middle, topped with a nice top.  Great for almost any room in your house! $595

Mission style harvest table.

Black table with chunky legs $895

A counter in the works... special order for someone that has a door on the back for the trash can!

White table $465

Black TV cabinet $535

Our newest design--- our framed tin with a mirror in the middle.  Different sizes and prices.

Very pretty!
Wade with his paint job!

Gorgeous isn't it??

Beautiful and functional--- holds a lot!  But you need tall ceilings for our Chicago cabinets.

Need a cabinet for your kitchen or to display a collection? This cabinet was made here in Indiana.

Our framed tin are always popular.  Range in size and price.  

Wonderful headboard that Wade painted in his special process.

Upcoming Events at Green Oak
Sept 7-9: Fall Fling where our fall items will be on sale.
Nov 2, 3, 4 & 5:  Holiday Open House

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