Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Delivery Day!!

My buddy from Chicago came today to deliver tin, mantles, sconces and more!  It is a family affair with my Dad helping keep track of the tin and my Mom keeping me on budget!  We have some neat patterns this time.


What do I do with the tin?  Some goes on the front of our counters and cabinets, we make framed tin for the wall and lately, mirrors.


Terri is always wondering why I never make her anything.  What do you think, should I make her something?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A creative mind….

Two new creations this week. 

Table with 4 leaves $385

A twist on our usual tables.  Normally we have old legs and put on a new top.  I had taken the legs off of this table to make a harvest table, so we put new legs with the old top.  Has 4 leaves. 


Table with old stairwell parts.  $290

We took parts from a stairwell and made the legs and front trim for this table.  I love seeing what I can make out of old things!


Tin Front Cabinet $295

Tin fronted black cabinet—make a statement!


Chicago Cabinet with blind doors $1995

Another gorgeous example of the pieces found in old homes.  This cabinet has blind doors instead of glass on the top. 


Black Harvest Table $595

Big and chunky would describe this table best!

Whitish/brown table $695

This is our new color scheme.  White, but not stark white, has some brown mixed in. 

Garden Iron

The garden iron is starting to come in and we are expecting a big load within the next week.  Here is a teaser until then.


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