Monday, September 12, 2011

Wow—We have a packed store!

I first want to thank all of our customers!  You are what makes this job fun and interesting!
The store is packed right now with great items!  From furniture to fall d├ęcor for your home, come to Green Oak!!  If you see a piece on here that you’d like more information about, call us at 574-223-5702 and tell them you saw it on Jon’s blog!
Let’s get started:
Our framed tin is very popular.  Makes a great accent on your wall.  Here we have pictured the white, but we also have them available in other colors.  We also have mirrors made out of the tin.  Prices and sizes vary. 
French Country / Shabby Furniture
This color is very popular and is a soft/soothing color.

In this first picture, we have two pieces. The piece on the left is a cute little chest.  Perfect for your lingerie!  Measures 18” deep, 22 1/4” wide and 41 1/2” tall.  Priced at $240 
The piece on the right is a nice chest of drawers.  Measures 34” wide, 18” deep and is 53 3/4” tall with the back piece.  Priced at $270.

Every girly room needs a vanity and this one is a great piece!  The base measures 48 1/2” wide, 18” deep and 29 1/2” tall.  The mirror measures 40” X 32”.   Priced at $220
Classic Black!
This buffet has been given new life in our house black paint.  Wonderful details.  Measures 66 1/2” wide, 21 1/4” deep and 39 1/4” tall.  Price $425.
This next buffet has nice curves to it. Painted in our house black.  Measures 63 1/2” wide, 22 3/4” deep and 35” tall.  Priced at $340.
Old and Original
We have some wonderful pieces in right now in their original condition.

This pie safe measures 41” wide, 16 1/2” deep and 52 1/2” tall.  Priced at $550
This dresser with mirror has nice curves! Measures 54” wide, 24” deep and 69” tall. $320.
This Victorian dresser measures 48” wide, the base is 28” tall and 22” deep.  Mirror measures 44 1/2” wide and 51 1/4” tall.  $495
Black table with neat legs! Measures 90 1/2” long, 46” wide and 30” tall.  $650
Workshop Items
We are always keeping the carpenters busy.
This white counter has four doors and measures 83 1/4” long, 38” tall and is 25 1/2” deep.  $585.  Neat old tin and has glass pulls for the handles.
Black Harvest table with stained top.  Measures 42” wide, 84 1/2” long and 31 1/2” tall.  $649.
This next piece is wonderful!  Old porch posts and tin make this truly unique. Measures 68 1/4” tall, 15” deep and 45 1/2” wide.  $450.
Misc., special orders, and in the works
Bakery tables---range in size and price from $140 to $450
These next pictures are pieces in the works yet…
Do you like our counters or harvest tables but need it modified just a bit?  Talk to Jon and he will work with you on it. 
These are an example of 2 special orders we are finishing up.