Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun at auctions!

This past week has been great for finding unique items for you.

Blue Couch & Chair
This pair will be great when re-upholstered.
Can you guess what I'll be making out of this next piece?
It will become a mirror!  Watch for the completed project.

Set of 6 chairs

Great table legs, just waiting for a new top.

Table made out of old legs and a new top. 

It is going to get colder soon which means indoor activities.  Would make a great game table.

Neat old table

And even a BOAT
Truly a decorator approved item.  This boat is perfect for your nautical themed restaurant!  I can just see it hanging from a ceiling.

Gorgeous Mantle
This a stunning example of a mantle from the 1800's.  Can you imagine this stripped of the paint?

Plus lots more that I haven't unloaded yet.  We'll be posting again tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We are packed!!!

The store is filled to the brim with great items for you and it was hard to choose just a few to showcase. 

Black Liquor/China Blind door cabinet $470
Beautiful liquor or china cabinet painted in our black finish. 

Stacked Bookcase $550
Wonderful example of a classic piece.  This stacked bookcase is sure to hold a lot of your treasures.

Oak Desk
One of the nicest desks we have had in a long time!  Extra deep to give you room for your computer and still have room to work!  Refinished by our Amish carpenters to bring this desk back to its original condition.

Black Counter with a cherry top
We've had requests for our counters (you can also use them as islands or bars) to have a cherry top.  Here you go!  Painted black and has an open back.

White Vanity with mirror $295
Do you need a vanity for your daughters bedroom or are you in a house like my wife with all boys and need to add a girly touch to your home?  Then this vanity is for you!  Nice drawers and big mirror.  Although in our house, I'm sure it would soon be taken over by army men and blocks. I keep telling my wife that one day she'll miss the mess the boys make, but she just scowls at me and picks up more dirty socks.