Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun at auctions!

This past week has been great for finding unique items for you.

Blue Couch & Chair
This pair will be great when re-upholstered.
Can you guess what I'll be making out of this next piece?
It will become a mirror!  Watch for the completed project.

Set of 6 chairs

Great table legs, just waiting for a new top.

Table made out of old legs and a new top. 

It is going to get colder soon which means indoor activities.  Would make a great game table.

Neat old table

And even a BOAT
Truly a decorator approved item.  This boat is perfect for your nautical themed restaurant!  I can just see it hanging from a ceiling.

Gorgeous Mantle
This a stunning example of a mantle from the 1800's.  Can you imagine this stripped of the paint?

Plus lots more that I haven't unloaded yet.  We'll be posting again tomorrow!