Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow—what a week!!

This week has been a great week! Let’s start shall we??
Metal Topped heavy duty workbench.  $300.  Top is 5 foot X 24 1/2”.  Approx 36” tall.  The top has a 1/4” steel for the top.
Copper Topped Table $395 Measures 60” X 32” and is 29 1/2” tall.
100_6175 100_6177
Spool Cabinet? $550 This solid oak piece looks like an old spool cabinet and was some sort of office furniture.  Measures 43 1/2” W, 26 1/2” deep and is 13” tall.  Inside of drawer is 18 3/4” X 24”.  Would be neat to store all the kids school papers in.
French Bedroom Set
Neat bedroom set.  The drawers of the dresser and highboy are solid oak on the inside.  Set includes: highboy, dresser and bed.  Only highboy is pictured.
Ceiling Tin topped table $220 Neat table that has old parts for the legs and ceiling tin for the top.  Measures 27” X 65 1/2” and is 30” tall.
100_6171 100_6172
Pair of French Marble Top Nightstands $170 each
Cute little nightstands!  Measure 29” tall, 19” wide and 11” deep.

100_6149 100_6150
Stacking Office Drawer Unit $1100
This stacked drawer unit is beautiful!  Refinished solid oak.  Made by the same company that makes stacked bookcases.  Has mission metal straps.  This is the 2nd one like this we have ever had.  GREAT piece.  Measures 50” tall, 17 1/2” deep and is 41 1/2” across the front. 
100_6146 100_6148
Views around the store today:
100_6170 Matthis working on counters
100_6164 A pile ready to be painted.
100_6165 A truck to finish unloading.
100_6168 Can you see all the corbels I picked up??
100_6173 Lisa has been making these out of old shutters and oars.  Wouldn’t they be great in a restaurant?

100_6174 And most importantly, I made my wife happy by picking up this Boiler Brass shirt from when she attended Purdue. 
Don’t forget that May 9th is Mother’s Day.  We have great items for her!  Ruth made up this great display:


Monday, April 19, 2010

Deco table, pier mirror, buffets and more!

Wow…what a week I’ve had out buying!
First this wonderful Deco Cobalt Blue glass topped table.  Absolutely wonderful!
It was hard to get a picture of the top, but wanted to try and show it.
Next we have a nice oak fireplace mantle.  $495
Beautiful oak Pier Mirror.  Largest one we’ve had for a long time.  Great piece.  $1300.
English Oak Buffet.  Came over in a container from England.  $475
Stickley Rocking Chair $200
rockingchair rockingchair1
Oak Mission Bookcase $485
Terri (my lovely wife who does this blog for me)  likes this white chair.  Yes I do, I think it would look great in a bedroom or reading room.  $75
French style nightstands ($235 each) and dresser ($495) with solid oak drawers.
dresser nightstands
This is my latest design for tv’s.  Smaller than our buffets/counters and has shelves for you to put your DVR, Cable Box, DVD, or if you still have one a VCR. Heck someone might still have a beta machine out there. 

tvstand1 tvstand
These are mom’s picks for this week.  Neat trunk and nightstand.  The nightstand has sold!!
smallnightstand trunk

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Garden Iron!!

The parking lot is FULL of fun things for your garden.  Transform your landscape with a few easy pieces! We have trellis, fence, arbors, gazebo, planters, and fun stakes! 


Who doesn't need a big colorful chicken for their yard??