Friday, February 1, 2013

Busy Busy Busy....

Wow... Here we are... Feb 1st.  Where did January go? Before I go any farther, wanted to let you know we are now open on Thursdays.  That's right--open 7 days a week from 10-5.

Just a few things to highlight.

We took a Chicago Bungalow Buffet and painted it black and added a new top.  $895

Nice and ornate buffet painted black.  $525

Black highboy with carving.  From the 1930's.  $395

Vanity painted in our house black.  $345

Part of a Chicago cabinet we re-purposed a painted in a new maroon/red shade $565

Chicago Bungalow Buffet with a new top and painted in our house red.  $795

This piece turned out GREAT! We took parts and pieces from a Chicago cabinet, turned it into this bookcase and painted it in our house white.  $680

You can find this vanity in the rough room for $320

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gossip and icebergs....

Jon's been having fun... lots of sales to go to and finding things! 

Women have always liked to gossip, but instead of by text message, they used to have to talk on the phone (GASP!!) and listen in on the party line.  At all times, they like to be fashionable.  This table and chair were just for that! $135

Next up is a beautiful white dresser with mirror.  We painted it in our house white.  $295

Cute little liquor cabinet that we've painted white.  $235

Need a desk and chair?  This is a great one! Neat front and drawer side! $465

 Time to RELAX!!! The original gravity chair.  $95

 Everyone needs storage, and more storage! We painted this tall chest in our new blue.  $345
 This bench is in the rough room--- it just needs some TLC.  What could you do with it? $275
 Can you guess what this table was made from? If you said from a pallet you are correct!! $325
We call this counter the titanic because it is SO BIG AND HEAVY.  But no fears, it won't be running into an iceberg!! $1100

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Did you hear that sound?

The boys have gone back to school.... that sound you heard was Terri rejoicing!  They had a great summer, now its back to work and back to blogging for me.  

We first want to thank you, our wonderful customers, for coming to see us this year,  and for telling your friends about us.  You make our job FUN!! 

I designed this headboard for someone using porch posts and tin. Didn't it turn out great??

This piece is in the works... a big Chicago cabinet being painted in our new bright blue.

A new style of cabinet.  We put windows on the end, shelves in the middle, topped with a nice top.  Great for almost any room in your house! $595

Mission style harvest table.

Black table with chunky legs $895

A counter in the works... special order for someone that has a door on the back for the trash can!

White table $465

Black TV cabinet $535

Our newest design--- our framed tin with a mirror in the middle.  Different sizes and prices.

Very pretty!
Wade with his paint job!

Gorgeous isn't it??

Beautiful and functional--- holds a lot!  But you need tall ceilings for our Chicago cabinets.

Need a cabinet for your kitchen or to display a collection? This cabinet was made here in Indiana.

Our framed tin are always popular.  Range in size and price.  

Wonderful headboard that Wade painted in his special process.

Upcoming Events at Green Oak
Sept 7-9: Fall Fling where our fall items will be on sale.
Nov 2, 3, 4 & 5:  Holiday Open House

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest Finds….


Do you like us on facebook?  If not, you should…pictures get put up there faster than my wife gets to my blog.

That said, here is what I found this week.

Terri saw this one and said….” I want a girl!!!…. or I wonder if I could put this in one of the boys rooms…..even better, put them all together and give me a nice girly room”.  I don’t think the boys would appreciate having this girly piece in their room, but I know that there is a girl out there that this would be perfect for!  This white vanity  comes with the chair.  $295


Oak Fireplace Mantle $995


Old Pulley $75


Half Oval Windows $60 each


White Table $595


TV Cabinet $545


Chicago Cabinet $2400


Oak Table with 7 leaves $750


Unusual Lamps $120 pair


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where does the time go?

Time seems to be going faster and faster.  Just this past weekend, our youngest son turned 8!  Life in the antique world isn’t going any slower.  This week we have an interesting line up for you.


Gun Cabinet

I’ve been rehabbing this gun cabinet for a week and it is almost done. Should be out on the floor for our sale this weekend.  Has sliding glass doors.


Blue/Aqua/Teal ? Pieces.  Not really sure what to call this color.

Old Kitchen Cabinet $450


Vanity $320


Door turned into a mirror and storage $375


Square Table with 2 leaves $500

This is a nice sized table.  Perfect for a small spot, but with the leaves you can add extra room for your parties.


White Open Front Counter $695

Nice counter with an open front design.

White Open Cabinet $285
I rehabbed this boring piece into a nice display cabinet.


Mission Kitchen Island $1100
This island has been restored to its glory.  Wonderful oak kitchen island.


Chicago Cabinet $1100

A smaller sized Chicago cabinet just back from the refinishers.


Headboard made from an old door

I made this headboard out of an old door special for someone.  No…it wasn’t my wife.  Think I’m in trouble? Gee Jon, why would you be in trouble?  Just because I had to BEG for a wall piece from the old tin you make, and our bedroom door still isn’t trimmed out, and…. but I think I’ll keep you around SmileSmile


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