Thursday, July 29, 2010

I’m back!!

It has been awhile and it is all my wife’s fault.  She’s been taking the summer off to spend time with our boys and has neglected my blog.  I convinced her that she needed to get this updated as people are missing out on some great stuff.  So here it goes!!

Set of 6 chairs & table $325

Neat table and chair set.  One chair has arms. 
100_6842 100_6843 100_6844 100_6845

Black or White Bookshelf $785

Need a bookshelf?  These bookshelves have hidden compartments in the top and have adjustable shelves. 

100_6848 100_6850

Wonderful Chicago Cabinet

Another great example of a refinished Chicago cabinet.
100_6840 100_6841

Bed, dresser and highboy $895
Nice matching bedroom set.  We do have the rails for the bed.
100_6851 100_6852

Stainless steel table $385
Here we have another stainless steel table with black legs.

White Counter with 4 doors, oak top $575
Perfect for an island or bar with access from either side. 

We shot our first t.v. commercial this month. 
100_6761 100_6779
If you’d like to see it, you can follow this link:

Random shots around the store
100_6762 100_6763 100_6764 100_6766 100_6767 100_6768 100_6769 100_6771 100_6774 100_6781 100_6856

Friday, July 2, 2010


some new things this week..... these chairs fell off someones truck and were sold to us in a pile ...our amish crew did WONDERS....they sold in the driveway...